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March News

Posted on 14 March 2018

Crisis/Emergancy Prayer chain

If you have an emergency prayer request, please ring the church office on 5255 1378 during work hours, and Dorothy Williams or Juld Lowe after hours. All prayer requests will remain confidential among the prayer team. If you would like to be part of the prayer team, contact pastor Sandra Cooper -

Wave Happenings email...

Do you receive our 'Wave Happenings' email? This weekly email is our main communication tool - where you find out what is going on within the church, and how you can become involved. If not, then we would encourage you to email requesting to be added to the 'Wave Happenings email list'.

Are We Friends on Facebook?

"The Wave Community - Ocean Grove Baptist Church" is a private facebook group where Wave attenders can share prayer points, testimony, and encouraging words with each other. We also use this page to communicate pastoral needs to the wider church. So, if you're part of the Wave, hit us up with a friend request to join and we'll see you there!  

Sight Magazine

On Sight this week...

“I want my voice to be heard. And I want my message to come through loud and clear."
- Karen Gaffney, a Catholic US anti-abortion activist who has Down syndrome, in an article about her advocacy for the unborn.

“For us, it’s about meeting people where they are. Rather than coming in with a top-down approach and saying ‘You should change this’, it’s about figuring out why."

- Nathan Byrd, head of global programs at microfinance and development organisation Opportunity International, in an interview to mark International Women's Day last week, speaking about the organisation's approach to helping empower women in developing countries with regard to educational opportunities.

"The authors of the study, which looked at 126,000 messages spreading false stories on Twitter, suggest that fake stories on social media are 'diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the truth'."
- Sight columnist Mal Fletcher in an article looking at a new study showing that lies travel faster than truth on social media.

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