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Posted on 30 October 2017

Simple Promise = Simple Joy

"The first child I mentored was a 7-year-old girl in year 3. She was a friendly and pleasant little girl but was very attention seeking. She was not doing particularly well academically and had absolultely no attention span.

We played a lot of board games, snakes & Ladders etc., and we did a lot of jigsaws. Her reading ability was poor but she loved me to read to her. Even though, she took a library book home every week, nobody at home ever helped her with her reading. I enjoyed my time with her but this was my first experience with mentoring and after a couple of months I felt a little disappointed because I didn't feel that I was making any particular headway with her (maybe it was a bit ambitious to expect to have make a great difference in her life in the short term).

A few months after I started seeing her, I left on an overseas trip. I told her where I was going (London, France and America) and said that I would see her in five weeks time. I sent postcards addressed to her at the school and her wonderful teacher read out the letters and used a globe of the world to show my little girl and the class where I was.
The day I returned to see her she greeted me with a big smile and a hug and said, "You came back". Three times during the hour I spent with her she said to me, "I didn't think I would see you again but you said you would come back to see me and you did" Well, that was my light-bulb moment, the moment when it all fell into place and I realised what the Kids Hope program was all about. Coming back to see her was not a big deal for me as I had been looking forward to seeing her again but I realised that here was a little girl who had been let down in the past. People had obviously make promises to her in the past but had not followed through on their promises and trust had been broken. I had told her I would be back to see her and I had kept my work and this was obviously huge for her" Written by a Mentor from Queensland 


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